Megacities at Risk

“Megacities at Risk: Engineering Resilience to Seismic Waves” is an international conference that envisions a strengthened collaboration between the Philippines, Japan, the United States and Chinese Taipei – all situated in the Pacific Rim – by determining tools for mutual pre-disaster cooperation.

The conference invites members of international organizations, national government agencies, embassies, academic institutions and civil society organizations to enable best practice sharing, discussions on the latest developments in understanding, identifying and reducing risks and learning about the utilization of multi-stakeholder framework on joint collaboration/action plans.

Delegates will participate in a series of sessions and workshops that aim to do the following:

  • Level up the conversation in determining the state of seismic risk in Metro Manila, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Taipei and San Francisco
  • Identify lessons learned and priorities for science, policy and practice
  • Create a framework and a preliminary action plan for future collaborations
  • Establish follow-up multi-stakeholder consultations for detailed action plan development

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