Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2019

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP) is held every two years and is an opportunity to evaluate programs and initiatives, share knowledge on and discuss the progress and trends in disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Established by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, the Global Platform is gathers representatives of member states, parliamentarians, local governments, UN bodies, intergovernmental organizations, major groups and other stakeholder groups to participate in holistic discussions on DRR.

GP2019 is the last global session before achieving Target E of the Sendai Framework: Substantially increase the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies by 2020. Jumping off from the discussions in GP2017, GP2019 aims to:

  • Review the progress of the Member States and stakeholders’ implementation of the Sendai Framework, as well as the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development disaster risk targets
  • Gain an understanding of global risk and launch the Global Risk Assessment Framework (GRAF)
  • Recommend and suggest actionable plans for key policy makers in sustainable development, finance & economic planning and disaster risk reduction
  • Share good practices, tools and methods in implementing the Sendai Framework
  • Contribute to the discussions of the July 2019 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and the September 2019 UN Climate Summit

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