Forum on Understanding Risk and Resilience

The Forum on Understanding Risk and Resilience invites representatives from the government, private sector, academe, professional organizations, non-government and civil society organizations to participate in a holistic discussion on understanding risk, national efforts in disaster management and measurement of DRR efforts, a clearer picture of disaster risk and resilience and improving disaster risk reduction and management in the Philippines.

The UNISDR Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) in the Philippines, SM Prime and the National Resilience Council (NRC) organized the forum in celebration of the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR), annually celebrated on 13 October.

The forum also promoted the seven Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction Global Targets, which the international community has been doing since 2016. For 2018, the focus was on Target C: Reduce direct disaster economic loss in relation to global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030.