Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) for the Resilient LGU Program

The first phase of the Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) Certificate Course was designed to build an understanding on the tools used towards disaster resilience, to hone skills in conducting comprehensive assessments that cut across several factors of climate and disaster risks and integrate the physical and social variables in analyzing hazards, exposures, vulnerabilities and risk indexing (HEVRI). Building capacities on CDRA is essential in enabling NRC’s LGU partners to accomplish their Scorecard for Resilient Local Government Systems.

The training targets NRC academic and LGU partners as the participants in the lectures and workshops. The first half consists of an introduction to CDRA, the different tools for analysis and the importance of social dimensions to risk assessments. The second part, on the other hand, are workshops on the application of CDRA, which specifically target the LGUs’ designated technical staff and the academic partners’ Science and Technology Focal Persons.

The first run of the training guided LGUs in identifying risk baselines and targets through resilience scorecards, while allowing stakeholders to create resilience roadmaps for the PREPARE, ADAPT and TRANSFORM stages. By the end of the training, the participants are to produce their own risk assessments and geospatial databases.