Bataan attends cascading workshop on risk mapping

Engr. McJefferson of the Bataan Provincial Planning and Development Office orients participants of Risk Mapping, Data Gathering & Consolidation Workshop.

The National Resilience Council, Zuellig Family Foundation and the Manila Observatory met with Bataan Province, following the October 2018 training on Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA). As part of the post-CDRA activities, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers (DRRMOfficers) from Bataan municipalities attended a cascading workshop on risk mapping, data gathering & consolidation to start initial mapping for the provincial government, and to develop a geographic information system (GIS) team.

NRC, ZFF and MO conducts a follow-up discussion with 1Bataan Resilience Team regarding an MO-led proposal aiming to address the DRR-related concerns of the province.

NRC, ZFF and MO also discussed with Bataan the parameters for an MO-led proposal on flood control and air quality management.

BPSU undergoes academic partner orientation

ZFF’s MR Poa conducts the program orientation for the BPSU Core Team.

The National Resilience Council and Zuellig Family Foundation met with the core group from Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) for an orientation on the Resiliency Leadership Program and the BPSU runway as an NRC academic partner for Bataan Province. As an academic partner, BPSU undergoes capacitating activities of the NRC so it can pave the way for a localized and contextualized approach to implementing NRC’s program in the provincial government.